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Hello dear guest,

My blogger name here is Via.  Welcome to Ancestors Within.

As you may have already noticed, I try to live peacefully, travel thoughtfully, understand deeply and share creatively - sometimes all at the same time.

I try to live peacefully through quieter living.

I try to travel thoughtfully through my continual journeys.

I try to understand deeply, even by any other name.

I try to share creatively, mainly with the assistance of my ancestors within.

You are most welcome to contact me by email as long as the mutual benefits are sufficient.  Which aspects of my research are most likely to be relevant to your own research interests?


What does it mean to exist?

What does it mean to make the most of existence?

What do you know about your historically fascinating journey into existence?

Via existence


As you read through Ancestors Within, you may discover you have the answers to at least a few of the mysteries and puzzles I am yet to solve.

Exploring genealogy is often a time-consuming activity.  It is also one I have found to possess deeply satisfying emotional rewards I cannot yet explain.

Via assistance


My ancestors could not enjoy exploring history in the same way as I do.  They were too busy struggling to survive, as many people still are in the world today.

Most of my ancestors had little formal education.  Many of the ancestors I have discovered through my family history research could not even read or write.  I love reading and writing.

Via history

If something I have written has been of assistance to you or your organisation, or you can be of any assistance to me, please let me know.

1. General assistance
Family history, genealogy and/or local and social history

2. Cultural and political history
And other understandings more generally

3. Italian migration to Australia 1870s to 1920s

4. Italian genealogy
Especially in Basilicata, Lombardy and the Veneto

5. Belgian genealogy
Especially from around Antwerp and Brussels

6. Belgian migration to Britain 1870s
And/or migration issues more generally

7. Ulster genealogy, especially 1850 - 1900

8. The philosophical aspects of family history discoveries

9. English family history
With reflections on social history, cultural history and the meaning of Englishness

10. How you fit into my family tree and how I fit into yours

My email address:   
writetovia  (at)  gmail . com

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